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The Journal of Guitar Acoustics
Tim White, editor
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        As a former research scientist, I have always wanted to know more about the technical side of how the ukulele and guitar function. Much of this information is difficult to obtain for the average person not having access to extensive library sources. Then I was able to get the back issues of the Journal of Guitar Acoustics from Tim White. I had heard reference to such material before but was never able to obtain it. At last the playing field has been leveled for me. The information contained herein is to me remarkable both for what it is and what it suggests in terms of further personal experimentation. I unequivocally recommend its purchase -- David C. Hurd

        Seven issues of the Journal of Guitar Acoustics were published between 1979 and 1982. These issues have now been republished as a single volume of 700+ pages, along with an updated bibliography and additional material. The complete index to the new JGA volume is printed below. The JGA volume is available for US$70 prepaid or via Priority Mail within the continental US, US$75 in Canada, and US$100 prepaid by bank check or money order only elsewhere, shipped via airmail (yes, international airmail costs us $30+). Checks should be made out to "Journal of Guitar Acoustics". To order, send inquiries to:

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Journal of Guitar Acoustics - Complete Unabridged Collection with Addenda

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