Old Postcard

What is Kawika doing in the

 building process as we speak?


        Here is the overall building process in rough outline.  There are actually 600-800 small steps involved in the building process depending on individual customer requirements.  The table below gives you some sense of the general progress for a given batch of instruments that I'm working on at the moment.

        Light blue means that work in that area is completed;  yellow means that I am working on that particular section at the moment;  light green means that the work is still to be done.  Where possible, I have included hyperlinks (below each group of building actions) to appropriate pages on this and other websites.

      I'm currently not taking orders at this time. 


Choose front, back and sides for color, figure Cut and Join front and back, Measure Properties  Put rosette , Brace the fronts and backs Cut, sand, bend, join sides;  put linings on sides   Join the front to the sides; put Bridge Doctor (Baritone, travel Guitar)  Compliance map for top; tune; match back to top
Join the back to the sides; install bindings Choose, cut, join the neck  slot neck, install truss rod (Tenor & Baritone), rough shape neck Choose, thickness and slot fingerboard Shape, dot,  and fret fingerboard Shape neck more, tape fingerboard for gluing
Join neck and fingerboard to body "Final" sanding Sealing of pores French polish, 8 coats Level sand, 4-6 more coats make bridges
Allow shellac to harden; buff, wax Glue bridges Level, round, buff frets Saddle, string tree, tuners, nail guards String and test; final adjustments; accessories Notify purchasers...

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