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        Welcome to the LeftBrainLutherie mailing-list. For some time I have been corresponding with individuals about the application of science and technology to stringed instrument making. It is my hope that this list will eventually encourage members to disseminate useful information to one another about this subject. The mailing list is not meant to preempt newsgroups such as rec.music.makers.builders or lutherie discussion websites such as www.mimf.com but rather have a more particular focus on issues which don't seem to occur in the other venues. However, this doesn't mean that only arcane subjects are valid! Beginners are just as welcome as those more experienced.

        What to discuss? Subjects could include but not be limited to: equipment and jigs for the measurement of physical and acoustic properties of materials and instruments (I'm willing to have a place on this section of my website for pictures with explanations); articles from technical books and journals; actual data reduction and display (examples for reference can also be placed here); standardization of techniques for collecting data; optimization procedures for tops and backs using FFT analyzed tap tones and Chladni patterns; and so forth.

        Everyone has something to offer; everyone has something to learn. Please join us and contribute!

        The list is now being managed by Australian luthier Jeremy Locke and is available at:




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