Morita Camp Trail
This is a nice hike that goes across emergent ohia forest and through a kipuka filled with hapuu (giant tree ferns).  The trail is mostly cobble so I suggest very hard-soled shoes.  The turn-off from Saddle Road is just before the 16 mile marker on the North side of the road.  There are two turn-offs in this area and this would be the second one.  If you've made the correct turn-off, you'll immediately see the green storage shack straight ahead.  Continue on past the shack and bear left.  After a short distance, you'll next see a hunter's lean-to where the hunters leave a piece of clothing for one of their lost dogs to find and stay next to until the hunter returns.

I you mistakely take the first turn-off, all is not lost.  This road leads to a large, open field which used to be a storage area for power poles during the power line installation project.  It's now used as a target practice area for hunters.  This July, the open area was very good for picking ohelo berries.

I have only gone so far as a half mile past the kipuka, but the trail does go all the way to the Wailuku stream for a ~ 5 mile round-trip.

Within the kipuka, the avid birder will no doubt get a case of "warbler neck" since the birds are mostly in the canopy directly overhead.  But it was here that I first saw a juvenile, forest green i'iwi...

DOFAW storage structure

Hunter's dog rest facility

Morita Camp Trail Topographic Map

GPS Data Points at ~ 1/2 Mile Intervals

Morita Camp Trail Elevation Profile

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