Fun Seasonal Nature Activities on Saddle Road
November, December, January
The cooler, more rainy times nominally begin during the early part of this time.

February, March, April

'Akala begins fruiting at the end of this time period and continues through July.  The golden plover (Kolea) begins to disappear near the end of this period as it, along with other migratory birds, starts their outbound migration.

May, June, July

Ohelo 'ai fruiting near the end of this period,at first in lower elevations and then progressing to higher ones.   In late July and early August the golden plover (Kolea) begins to appear along with other migratory birds.

August, September, October

Guava and strawberry guava fruiting beginning in the beginning of this time. Pilo (eaten by Oma'o) begins to ripen at the end of this time period.