Useful Links for Hawaii Island Birding

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This is quite a wonderful website, offering eco-tours and a great deal of additional information for birders.  I particularly liked the section which shows both bird pictures and downloadable bird calls and songs for many Hawaii forest birds.

General Information/Photos about Native Hawaiian Forest (and Other) Birds


Na Ala Hele Trail and Access System

The Na Ala Hele website gives brief descriptions and locations of some of the many hiking/birding/hunting trails available on different islands within the state.  One purpose of my website is to augment a portion of these descriptions with TOPO! topographic maps, trail elevations and GPS coordinates for each trail.

Department of Land and Natural Resources


Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW)

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is a part of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.  In order to go hiking in watershed areas on Hawaii Island, a 6 months duration, free, renewable permit is necessary.  In Hilo, the appropriate office is at: 19 E. Kawili Street (at the corner of Kawili and Kilauea), Hilo, HI 96720;  Phone: (808) 974-4221.  Office hours are ~8 AM- 4 PM M-F.  This office also has brochures dealing with hunting regulations and areas, as well as cabin locations and accomodation rules.  The staff is very helpful and friendly.

U.S Fish & Wildlife Service Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge

Maulua Refuges

On-line Technical Journal Articles about Hawaiian Forest Birds


Hiking and Birding Equipment I'm Using