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Guest Luthiers

I've always thought that one doesn't have to be quite so smart if one has access to smart people who are willing to share their knowledge in an understandable manner. This page honors those luthiers who have unselfishly contributed of their time and expertise on the Internet. The page will be continually expanding as other luthiers are included. For the graphics enthusiasts, the background tile was created by scanning one of my Aloha shirts with a Microtek E3 Scanmaker and processing a portion of the scan with Ulead's PhotoImpact 3.0 SE software.

Paul Guy

Paul Guy discusses Guitar Tuning and the Equal Tempered Scale. Paul Guy has an excellent article on the hows and whys of tuning guitars on his website. The article is a prelude to a book that he's working on. Please put me on the list of buyers, Paul!

Tuning The Guitar by Paul Guy ( Paul Guy 1996)

Charles Tauber

Charles S. Tauber discusses Guitar Set-Up. Charles Tauber, a frequent contributor to rec.music.makers.builders and rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic newsgroups has a clear and well-written article on the hows and whys of setting up a guitar on his website. Subject matter includes an introduction, adjusting neck relief, adjusting the string height at the saddle, adjusting the string height at the nut and theory and set-up of intonation.

Guitar Set-up 101 ( Charles S. Tauber 1996)

Sacramento Valley Luthiers Guild


Sacramento Valley Luthiers Guild

has been in existence for 5 years now and the membership keeps growing. Members of the guild span the gamut from hobbyists to professionals. Many of our members are members of ASIA, The Guild of American Luthiers, and other organizations relating to the building of string instruments. The SVLG is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sharing of resources related to luthiery. The purpose of the guild is to provide networking and promotion for local luthiers. One of the main objectives of the guild is the free exchange of information and ideas. Among the group there is no such thing as a trade secret. Members share any discovery freely with the group. This is of great benefit to all members no matter what their skill level. Of considerable importance to the general viewing public is their newsletter which contains a great deal of detailed, useful and useable information for building and repairing instruments. Excellent job, you guys!

Go ahead, ask him!

"Welcome to Ask the Guitarmaker! This column is here to give you a window into the back room of the guitar shop. From time to time I may climb on my lacquer drum to talk about things like gig bags and relative humidity, but mostly I want to just be here to answer your questions." So begins the advice webpage of Abe Wechter who has been designing and building guitars for 22 years. Over the course of his career he has designed and built hand-made guitars for artists like John McLaughlin, Steve Howe, Al DiMeola, B.B. King, John Denver, Earl Klugh, Jonas Hellborg and Gregory James. He spent 9 years building Kasha Model guitars with Richard Schneider during which time he also worked as a model maker and designer for Gibson. From 1984 until 1994, Abe built custom guitars in his own shop, developing a reputation as one of the worlds finest craftsmen and guitar designers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, Abe.

Ask the Guitarmaker

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