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Edge Gluing
Tops, Backs
and Sides

This article comes into being at a time that I'm edge gluing about a hundred fronts and backs for tenor ukuleles (a year's worth ~ 50 instruments)--- "body parts" production as one luthier has described it. This particular device came into being a number of years ago when I began to make more than one instrument at a time. There are many solutions to edge gluing book matched pairs of wood for fronts and backs; I don't claim that this design is original, but I don't remember having seen something like it written up anywhere -- so here it is. I like this method because the glue edges are aligned and flattened under pressure at right angles to the final top/back surface before lateral gluing pressure is applied at the edges. This means that you can still edge glue pieces that aren't perfectly flat, but which will still work quite well for backs.